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Born on a First Quarter Moon

A First Quarter Moon is when the Moon is 50% illuminated bettween the Waxing Cresent and Waxing Gibbous. The days before and afer this phase the Moon grows brighter each day until the Full Moon. Like the New Moon and Full Moon, a First Quarter Moon happens at a very specific time and day making being born on a First Quarter not as common as the other phases that last several days at a time.

As an individual born under the First Quarter Moon, you have never doubted that you are the protagonist of your own life. You are a person of action who loves a good challenge - the more difficult a challenge is, the more excited you get, and the better you perform. You want to achieve things, not necessarily for the sense of accomplishment or to be praised by others, but simply because you cannot fathom any other way of living.

At the peak of your ability, you are the kind of strong invidual that people turn to in order to get things done. You are proactive, and you can identify problems and deal with them before they become even bigger problems. If you lack experience, however, this tendency can result in creating unnecessary drama and exacerbating problems when they could’ve been resolved by letting things alone. In general, you have difficulty dealing with issues that require waiting and being passive. If you can develop the art of patience to complement your strong personality, you will have reached your full potential.

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New Moon

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