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Born on a New Moon

The New Moon, also known as the Dark Moon, seems like the phase where the Moon is weakest. But even though the New Moon is invisible in the sky, it may still have a strong influence on children born under its darkness.

During the New Moon phase, both the Sun and Moon are lined up perfectly, which means your Sun sign is the same as your Moon sign. In other words, your mind and your heart are in perfect harmony. As the exact opposite of a Full Moon child, you don’t let inner conflict trouble you too much. You are very in tune with what you want - and what you want is usually that next new shiny thing on the horizon.

Children of the New Moon love trying out new things, new trends, new places. To others, it seems like you are always overflowing with an abundance of exciting new ideas, to the point where it can be hard to keep up with your vitality and enthusiasm. You have that childlike innocence, wonder, and curiosity, which most people lose as they mature.

All of this means that you are extraordinarily creative - the quintessential “ideas person”. On top of that, since you’re always so certain about what you want, you’re someone with a strong personality and drive. You tend to be quick about taking action in order to turn your desires into reality. That, however, doesn’t necessarily translate into productivity.

New Moon

While children of the New Moon are known for their boundless enthusiasm, it still remains a fact that you were born when the Moon’s energy is at its weakest. That means that while you’re good at aggressively going after what you want, you tend to have trouble sustaining that energy. You usually have a strong burst of motivation and energy at the beginning, but it fizzles out quickly. You keep starting up new creative projects, but never finish them - because you keep getting distracted by newer and shinier ideas.

It’s a dangerous cycle to get trapped in, especially since you tend to lack self-awareness. Being born under the invisible Dark Moon means that your self is cloaked in darkness. You can’t see the kind of person you are. Combined with your intense focus on what you want, you may be known for being selfish, callous, or unable to see things from other people’s perspectives. You tend to have a bad habit of giving others advice that has worked for you personally, without considering that they might be in a different situation from you.

To truly develop as a person, you need to understand how to take advantage of the different Moon phases. The Half Moon phases - the First Quarter Moon and Third Quarter Moon - are great phases for you to evaluate your opinions and plans with a healthy level of self-doubt. The Full Moon, on the other hand, is the perfect time for you to look inwards and engage in some personal reflection, since that’s when your heart’s grasp on your mind is weak. On the flip side, the abundance of energy on a Full Moon also means that you’re going to be very distracted, so it isn’t the best time to work on projects that require focus. This is also true to a lesser extent when the Moon is in any high-energy phase, like the Waxing Gibbous and the Waning Gibbous Moons.

Unlike others, children of the New Moon are the most powerful and threatening during the New Moon, and low-energy phases like the Waxing Crescent and Waning Crescent Moons. That’s when your mind and heart are in perfect alignment. Furthermore, low levels of energy mean that instead of being restless and distracted, you are capable of laser-sharp focus. Creative, strong-willed, and with the focus to actually execute your plans - that is the key to an unstoppable New Moon child.

Explore the other Moon Phase below and see how they relate to the phase you were born on. Try your friends and family to see if there personalities fit the Moon Phase they were born on.

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